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Power and energy

Power vs Energy

The physical world of science is based on several factors that are further categorized under different subheadings and topics. With the mechanical work concerning humans and machines; power and energy play a significant role. From Lifting of a box to the glowing of a lamp, energy and power have their respective roles. However, most of the people misunderstand or misinterpret the usability of both these SI measurements. The units and… Read more

What is known about the Kerry Nuclear Energy

Sens. Kerry, and Lieberman (excluding their GOP sidekick, Lindsey Graham) are set to deliver their nuclear energy or cap-and-trade bill today, after half a year of postponement. Until we see authoritative content, we need to remark on the expansive framework made accessible yesterday and the extra synopsis being flowed among administrative staff and accessible here. It is not appropriate for this to be called a “Climate Bill” as this… Read more
regulating greenhouse gas emissions

Murkowski wants to use Gingrich-era trick to block EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has announced that she will file a disapproval resolution on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) endangerment finding, which was just made final on Dec. 15.  The disapproval resolution could potentially overturn EPA’s decision on endangerment using a provision of Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America in 1996 called the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Murkowski claims this action is necessary because without it, EPA would proceed irresponsibly.… Read more