water conservation tips

Water conservation tips

We all are aware of how crucial is the role of water in our lives. 70% of the Earth is covered by water. One of the prime nutrient and reason for the survival of life on Earth is water. But what we ignore that water can become a finite nutrient for humanity if not utilized judiciously. In the recent decade, with an increase in population, there has been a steep… Read more

How do electric cars handle in the snow?

What is the newest trend in the automobile industry? Are you aware of the most significant breakthrough about them? Yes, the manual world has again given way to modernized, electrical technology. Electric cars have made their presence, and they are ruling the streets. However, winter is one of the seasons that welcome severe challenges for electric cars. As you might be aware that electric cars run on rechargeable batteries;… Read more
DIY electric car

How to build an electric car from scratch?

A simple question for you all, do you have a dream car? But can you afford your dream car? If your answer is yes, then good luck one day your dream will surely come true. What if your answer is no? Then why don’t you build your car? It might not be as appealing as the original one, but the satisfaction will be beyond imagination. If you dare to make… Read more
Heat pump water heaters

What is a heat pump water heater and how does it work?

Winter is the favorite season of many. But do you remember those chilly early mornings when you had to bathe before going to work? How desperately you waited for the hot water then. The significance of hot water is understood during the wintry days. With the advancement of technology, several devices made their mark in the market and have been a boon to humanity. Be it geysers or water heaters—however,… Read more
Are electric scooters legal?

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

The cities are expanding. Along with cities, new communities are coming into existence. The competition is growing every day, and amid this wave of globalization, electric scooters have gradually made their way. Their sleek design and lightweight body have made them comfortable and easy-to-go. The specialty of electric scooters is that they operate on rechargeable batteries, which makes them environment-friendly. Let us move forward and find the answer to our… Read more

How efficient are electric cars?

The new future is here. The new generation cost-effective cars have already made their mark. In less time, electric vehicles have become too popular, and the primary reason is that they are cost-effective and run on electrical power. But have you ever tried to understand the efficiency of these cars? What has made them so preferred over the gasoline-powered vehicles? In this article, you will discover the answer to… Read more

What is clean electricity and how to get it for your home?

You must be familiar with the word “electricity.” Electricity is now an indispensable part of our life and day-to-day work. But are you aware of “clean electricity”? Amazed right? Electricity is available in two major types, dirty and clean. Too many questions might be rising in your head. No worries, in this article you will get a detailed understanding of clean and dirty electricity, their significance, their differences, and also… Read more
home solar panel

Solar panels on homes: Pros and Cons

Over the years, scientists and environmentalists have been looking for an alternative source of electricity or power supply that is cheaper as well as abundant than the traditional electrical energy. The electromagnetically generated electricity is turning costlier with every passing year. Even the resources required to create the necessary power is depleting with time. The inevitable increase in demand for electricity had left every organization into a deep well… Read more
Power and energy

Power vs Energy

The physical world of science is based on several factors that are further categorized under different subheadings and topics. With the mechanical work concerning humans and machines; power and energy play a significant role. From Lifting of a box to the glowing of a lamp, energy and power have their respective roles. However, most of the people misunderstand or misinterpret the usability of both these SI measurements. The units and… Read more
Obama’s half-truth on the BP oil disaster

Obama’s half-truth on the BP oil disaster

During President Obama’s comments today on the progressing BP oil fiasco in the Gulf, there was an exchange of words between the POTUS and a reporter posing an inquiry: Q: On April 21st, we were informed by Admiral Allen that the government had dispatched equipment immediately to the gulf. It was also mentioned on that day that you understood the urgency of the situation. However, 39 to 40 days later,… Read more