About Public Citizen Energy

Public Citizen Energy is an educational project on ecology, travel and human impact on nature. We know for sure that the current environmental crisis is caused not only by plastic pollution, but also by environmental problems. We need comprehensive knowledge of the subject, so here we write about complex science in simple words. And we also recommend popular science books, which write what we can’t find.

We believe that the main banal goal of humanity in the coming decades is to learn to live in harmony with nature.

We are convinced that nature protection concerns everyone to some extent. Perhaps you don’t believe that burning oil and coal affects the climate, or you don’t even think that human comfort is more important than the weather. However, you are still concerned about the extinction of species such as Ussuri tigers or snow leopards, the purity of forests, air or lakes. If not, then you are eighty years behind humanity.

A large part of our publications are devoted to renewable energy. People are finally thinking about the consequences of their activities and the fact that energy sources on Earth are exhaustible. Many industries require large amounts of energy, the generation and use of which can have a negative impact on the environment. Renewable and unlimited sources of energy include: sun, wind, water, geothermal and tidal sources. We are convinced that these very sources of energy should be a priority in the long-term perspective of human development.

We believe that the main banal goal of humanity for the coming decades is to learn to live in harmony with nature. For this, of course, we need the efforts of political, social and economic mechanisms of modern civilization. But it is necessary to understand that in all complex formations, be they states, peoples, organizations, the basis is man. Every person has a will, obtained by birthright, and as a result many people form a society. Society changes when every member or most of them changes.

It is not enough to think about how to get energy without increasing carbon dioxide emissions or how to reuse garbage, it is necessary to create conditions for every person on the planet to implement and adopt a new life strategy. The harmony of humanity with nature is possible only through the harmony of each person. And the harmony of each person is possible only through the knowledge and values of the world around him.

Our mission is to develop ecological culture and responsible tourism in the world.

If you have an interesting author’s material about your environmental project, thematic event, travel, we are ready to provide a site for your publications and distribute them on the Internet.

You want more, for example, to conduct environmental education in your city, but do not know where to start? We are ready to take you on the Public Citizen Energy team and support your project.