Some facts about germs

facts about germs

If you want to put things in order in your life, you must do it in every possible way. I always start from myself. I try to reach harmony in every sphere of life. One of them main and really essential things is strong health. You will not be able to reach your aim without strong health. I try to maintain my health in different ways. I understood one important thing. If you wish to overcome some problem, you should properly study the reasons why it occurs.

That’s why I was looking for microbial facts. I wished to learn how they work and the method of fighting them. I was impressed to learn certain facts about these dangerous organisms, and I want to share this information with those who may be interested in it.

  • On the average, an office desk contains 400 more bacteria than a toilet.
  • Another ugly fact for me is that our mouth contains more bacteria the human population of the Earth.
  • The “smell of rain”, which is so adored by many people is induced by a bacteria.
  • Mobile phones possess 18 times larger amounts of these organisms than toilet handles. Ugh! Clean your phone more often.
  • The consumption of chocolate has a strong anti-bacterial property. It defends our teeth from decay. Now, I’m a chocolate lover!
  • Within 6 months after the usage of chlorine, it gets withdrawn and the bacteria multiply again.
  • I prefer using a paper towel since I’ve learned that it reduces the parasites by 45-60%. Do not use hand dryers. They increase their amounts.
  • I properly clean the keyboard of my PC as it contains over 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • Approximately a third of world’s population carries tuberculosis bacteria. If not triggering their development, you will avoid any symptoms of this disease.

I can bet that some of these facts amazed just like me. You can put this knowledge to use and reduce the influence and amounts of the bacteria.

Author: Kristin Klane

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