How to help your indoor plants in winter?

indoor plants

Most people keep at their homes plants. They are actually needed. First of all, they purify the air and make it healthy. Besides, they make the place more lively and colorful. They are beautiful parts of the interior and exterior. It is necessary to take care of them. Especially in cold seasons. How to help your indoor plants in winter? Well, I can help a bit with that problem.

  • Do not change the temperature too rapidly. If you take a plant back home and place it near some hot air vents or even open door, you may kill it. Be watchful!
  • I never water the plants in excess. I know that most housekeepers pour too much water on the and afterward, do not understand why they die. Now, you know the answer. I advise watering them only when the dirt is fully dry.
  • Another thing I also keep in mind is fertilization. You should cut the fertilizer’s strength by not less than 50%. Start the common feeding when the spring returns.
  • One additional tip of taking care of houseplants is to add fluorescent lights. I do this as they lack sunlight in wintertime.
  • Do the cleaning! I never forget to clean the plants from dust and grease. This makes them healthier. Wash their leaves gently and you will not hinder them.
  • I would also recommend increasing humidity. In the winter period, the air is drier than usually and this damages the plants. Mind that this harms people as well. I use lukewarm water. I also take the plants with me when I go into the bathroom. However, there are many other ways to raise the levels of moisture. Just pick up the most suiting one.

These are only a few tips that I use. Probably, you will find a way more. Nevertheless, I’m content with the effect they provide. None of my plants died since I’ve started using them. Take care of your plants and they will take care of you.

Author: Kristin Klane

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