What do I really want?

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Have you ever noticed that it is difficult for you to choose a gift for someone? Do you know why? You don’t even know your own wishes. How can you know what other people want? Well, there is a way out of this situation. You can just find someone’s amazon wish list, and that will be enough. It is much harder to determine your own feelings and desires.

Most people do not know what they really want, it’s even difficult for them to decide and answer the question what do I want for my birthday? Because of this sometimes we get depressed or in a bad mood before the holidays. It’s just that we don’t know what we want.

In this life our thoughts are often occupied by some desires that are directly related to our daily needs. Let’s say, if we lack money, we think about money, if we travel little, we dream about traveling to different unknown countries. Or we want to buy new clothes, an apartment, a car, and so on. But all this is very difficult to call our true desires, which can really inspire you. Behind all these desires it is often very difficult to see those very cherished dreams and goals that can give your life a real true meaning. Those goals, the realization of which will give us absolutely everything we want. The feeling of joy, the feeling of need, the feeling of being in your place, the realization of our destiny. And of course, on the way to these goals, we will definitely get everything else – money and travel and some different benefits. But they will not be an end in itself, but only that which makes our life just more comfortable and interesting. But how can we understand these very real goals and desires?

For this, I recommend you to use a very simple method. You sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper, and write an essay in which there will be at least 20 points on the subject: “What I want to do and what to do, if I have 100 million dollars”.

Imagine that you already have this amount and you have already bought yourself absolutely everything you wanted. Cars, houses, apartments, clothes, and so on. Then there is the second moment. You have already given to charity everything that was possible. Funds simply do not need more of your money.  The third moment is that you have already gone on all the trips that you have dreamed about.

And now write 20 points, what you want and will do when you already have it all. What will be your dreams and desires now. What will really inspire you, give your life meaning. To make you happy for real. It may be difficult for you, because you have never even thought about it. But the more interesting this task will be for you. And the more unexpected and surprising will be the result that you get. So please do not put it off in a long box, please write this essay today and share your brightest discoveries.

One of my friends lived a wonderful life, because he had a solid inheritance. And so, once, he complained to me that he has not had satisfaction from life for a long time. It sounded very strange, because he had many things that people can only dream about. I advised him to pass this test and write such an essay. As a result, he got a license to drive a small plane and got a dog. A year later, when I met him, it was impossible to recognize him. He was happy and even thanked me for it. “I never even thought about it,” – he told me.

Take this simple advice and maybe your life will be a little bit better. Good luck to you!

Author: Kristin Klane

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