Does water give you energy?

Does water give you energy?

According to you, what is the most crucial nutrient on Earth? How are you going to consider it is the most important? Let us give you two parameters to judge them: the abundance of the nutrient in our environment and its importance in our body. The only nutrient that might strike your brain is water. Yes, water is indeed the most meaningful life sustainable nutrient gifted to us by Mother Nature. Water helps to nurture all of them.

Our human body consists of 60% of water. About 71% of the total Earth’s surface consists of water; the oceans stores around 96.5% of Earth’s water. However, to your utter surprise, the entire water percentage is not fit for consumption. Only 3% of the whole Earth’s water quantity is freshwater, and out of it, only 1.2% is drinkable.  In this article, you will understand the role potable water plays in our life. Have you ever thought does drinking water give you energy? What are the benefits of drinking water?

Staying hydrated is very crucial. If your body does not receive an adequate amount of water, you might eventually suffer from dehydration. It is a state when you might experience tiredness, less will power to work, and drowsiness. The primary symptom of dehydration is a sudden rise or fall in body temperature. Therefore, your motor response system stops working, and ultimately you might pass away. Water is the only medicine that rehydrates and provides you that boost to stay energetic.

Water is colorless and calorie-free, but it is a storehouse of necessary minerals for various body functioning. It is highly efficient in detoxifying the body. It also helps in aerobic respiration and reducing lactic acid accumulation in the muscles.

Does water give you energy?

Now, let’s learn about the benefits of drinking water and how they infuse energy into our bodies.

  1. Amplifies physical performance

The primary need of the body during hot days is to stay hydrated. Hydration is referred to the state of the body where an ample amount of water is present for carrying out bodily functions. Proper drinking habits can prevent dehydration and lactic acid concentrations that occur after strenuous exercise.

  1. Enhances brain functionality and also affect energy levels

The functioning of the brain is greatly affected by water. Water helps to replenish the body’s fluid loss, enhance the working memory, and decrease emotions like anxiety and fatigue.

Loss or insufficient water in the body can cause acute case of damaged brains cells that can mentally paralyze body or lead to coma.

  1. It enhances the lubrication of joints

The delicate and tender tissues present in between the internal body structure are mostly made of water. Insufficient water in the body can cause degeneration of these parts.

  1. Water creates saliva and mucus

Water is the primary reason for saliva in the mouth that helps in chewing and digesting foods. Water also helps in developing mucus that acts like the lining of several sensitive organs.

  1. Helps to circulate oxygen throughout the body

Blood is the only fluid medium that transports oxygen and other essential nutrients to different parts of body including the heart. The major part of the blood is made up of water. Therefore, water is essential for transfusion of oxygen.

  1. Water enhances skin quality and health

An adequate amount of water detoxifies the body, hence reducing acne, pimples, and skin impairments. Water also helps in delaying the wrinkling of the skin.

  1. Water is a detoxifying agent as well as a doctor of the kidney

Water is a medium through which the unwanted toxic wastes are excreted from the body. It helps in enhancing the nephron functioning of the kidney- the excreting organ of the body.

Amount of water you need per day

Every day we lose water in different quantities from our bodies through various processes. The maximum water loss takes place through urination. Perspiration, breathing, and water usage for several internal body functioning are among the other primary reasons for loss of water.

Based on scientific studies,

–         An adult man must consume 3.7 liters of fluid per day.

–         An adult woman must drink 2.7 liters of fluid per day.

Doctors recommend that the primary fluid be water because of its added benefits to the body and its functioning.

Have you ever thought about how can you drink more water?

  1. Understand your need for fluids

Before you start drinking fluids to fulfill your body’s requirement, understand your body’s fluid needs. Drink to quench your thirst. Drink a little more water than required after physical exercise, returning from a hot environment, or after you return from your work.

  1. Set milestones

Do not merely drink water at a stretch until you cannot handle it. This practice will affect your typical performance of the day. Divide the liters throughout your day and consume that many liters for a definite period.

  1. Set reminders

You can set reminders or an alarm that will remind you to drink water. You may forget to drink the water due to a hectic schedule.

  1. A glass of water before every meal

If you eat three meals per day, drink three glass or cup of water. This simple practice will enhance your metabolism as well as the intake of water.

  1. Get a water dispenser

Water dispenser keeps the water cooler that helps in refreshing during hot climates. It also provides a constant supply of water. The water dispenser contains a compressor and reservoir that helps in purifying the water content.


By now, you might have understood the contribution of water to our living conditions. Besides developing a proper habit of drinking, you must take the necessary steps to conserve water. The water demand has increased manifold times. But the percentage of potable water has not increased. If necessary precautions are not approved, then one day, we will get deprived of water.

Author: Kristin Klane

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