What is clean electricity and how to get it for your home?

You must be familiar with the word “electricity.” Electricity is now an indispensable part of our life and day-to-day work. But are you aware of “clean electricity”? Amazed right? Electricity is available in two major types, dirty and clean.

Too many questions might be rising in your head. No worries, in this article you will get a detailed understanding of clean and dirty electricity, their significance, their differences, and also how you can get clean electricity. So without any further delay, let’s get started with something new.

What is clean electricity?

The type of electrical power that does not undergo any voltage spikes and drops is known as clean electricity. When there is any disturbing movement in the typical sine waveform, then it is considered dirty energy or electricity.  The disturbances are either voltage noise or ripples.

However, the widely accepted explanation of clean electricity is that it is a kind of power produced from renewable energy resources. The specialty of renewable resources is that they cause zero pollution. This type of electricity is also entitled as green energy. There are different categories of clean energy like photovoltaic, wind, thermal, waste heat, and several other technologies.

How to get clean electricity?

Several ways to get clean electricity are present. The strategies are flexible in nature, and the major step is to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Steps that can be implemented to obtain 100% clean electricity:

  1. A proper plan to use electricity efficiently and saving it when the demand is low. This practice will save the usage of renewable resources that are less in abundance.
  2. Effective ways to replenish exhaustible resources needs to be discovered. Develop electricity from diverse resources and locations.
  3. Generate a plan that will help you to maintain equitability between other resources and natural gas significantly.
  4. Use new technologies to modify energy grids for the generation of renewable energies.
  5. Market research is an essential practice to enable the addition of advance techniques. The western electricity markets are the prime research areas.
  6. Carefully distribute your funds into various energy generating sectors.
  7. Shift from traditional cars to electric cars.
  8. Develop the workplace and establish more skilled and high-profile jobs.

How to have electricity with renewable resources?

There are several other ways to get clean energy from renewable sources:

  1. Wind Energy

You might have seen the skyscraper heighted turbine fans that are spread over wide diameters on empty land. These fans are established in the line of blowing wind. The fast blowing wind turns the blades of turbines and this, in return, produces energy that is converted to electricity by the generator.

According to a survey, the most cost-effective energy available in the USA is wind energy.

  1. Ocean or Tidal energy

The harnessing of energy from the water sources is in the developmental phase. The Moon governs the ebbs and flows of the ocean and other natural water bodies, and thus the chances to harness energy from them are massive. Presently, the only way out is the dams built on the flowing path of rivers or the devices anchoring the ocean-floor. The power of the gushing water is used to turn the turbines. The generator fitted in the turbines generates electricity from the potential energy of water.

  1. Geothermal energy

As the name suggests, this type of energy is obtained from natural heat. The core temperature of Earth is equivalent to Sun’s surface temperature. By drilling deep into the Earth, the high-temperature water oozes out as hot springs. The water from these springs is pumped out through a turbine to generate electricity.

Benefits of renewable energy

After all the discussion about clean energy and its types, a general question is why is clean energy important? So here are the answers.

  1. The reduction in global warming

The primary cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels like petroleum and natural gases. With an increase in the population, the electricity demand has increase manifold times.

Thus, the need for a substantial alternative to fossil fuels is very much required. Moreover, fossil fuels are exhaustible in nature while wind, geothermal energy, solar energy, and other sources are inexhaustible and will exist until the earth is present.

  1. A significant development in public health

Burning of fossil fuels is the primary reasons for water and air pollutions. Several neurological, psychological, and even physiological health issues and diseases are caused due to pollution. Thus, minimizing the usage of the exhaustible resources and replacing them with renewable sources will uplift the overall health status of a nation.

  1. They are promoting new job opportunities

With more sectors opening up for a generation of power, more people will get a job. New industries will welcome new job opportunities, and therefore it will contribute to the overall development of a person’s life.

According to a survey, the wind generation industries provided one million full-time jobs in 2016.

  1. Providing energy at a pocket-friendly price

With the generation of energy and electricity from renewable sources, the price of per unit electricity will witness considerable decrement in price. However, the initial cost of the establishment might be high, but in future, the operational cost will significantly less.

Final words

Clean electricity is no more a need; it is a compulsion for humanity to discover and implement other methods to generate electricity immediately. With every passing decade, the human population is reaching to all-new heights. From here on the life ahead will be difficult enough if conservation of energy is not maintained. Use electrical power judiciously and rarely as possible.

Author: Kristin Klane

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