How to build an electric car from scratch?

DIY electric car

A simple question for you all, do you have a dream car? But can you afford your dream car? If your answer is yes, then good luck one day your dream will surely come true. What if your answer is no? Then why don’t you build your car? It might not be as appealing as the original one, but the satisfaction will be beyond imagination.

If you dare to make your dream come true, you have precisely gone to the right place. This article will teach you how to build your own electric car. You will get accustomed to DIY electric vehicles. So let’s get started.

How to build an electric car step by step?

Step 1:  Arrange a car

Before you start building your dream car, you need to grab an out-of-order vehicle to kick the operation from an advanced stage.

It is good to opt for a lightweight car that has no power source.

Absence of steering wheel, engine, power brakes, and even any other intricate are not present. Then also, it’s okay because you need to replace them all according to your blueprint.

Step 2: Eradicating the fuel combustion system from the car

The next immediate step is to evacuate the gas tanks, engine, muffler, coolant mechanism, fuel pipes and filters, starter kit, the radiator, exhaust system, and anything else.

Cautiously remove the parts because if they are functional, you can sell them at a reasonable cost.

Step 3:  Making of adapter plate

Did you plan out how to transmit the energy?

To continue further, you need to join the transmission mechanism mounted together with the motor. Do not line up all the parts that might lead to untimely breakage after a few days.

For making that possible, an adapter plate with holes will connect the transmission system with the motor.

Step 4: Introduction to a coupler

It would be best if you incorporate the coupler in the above arrangement. You have to bind all the three elements together, and thus your transmission system is ready. The power of the motor will now be transmitted to the wheels by the aid of the coupler.

Step 5: The central part- the motor

To get started, you need to collect or buy a motor for your car’s engine. Degrease it if rusty, uncoil the outdated wastes, an insulating solution will clarify it, and finally, tighten the loose ends.

Your new refurbished engine is ready to be incorporated.

Step 6:  Make your motor functional with batteries

The developed is non-functional unless batteries power it. The amount of power will depend on the type of motor, and your car is compatible with it.

Used storage cells can also re-use with few developments.

Make your dream car appealing by adding extricate features that might add to its aesthetic appeal. Use a LED light that will alert you when you run out of energy.

Step 7: You need to control the controller

It is an electrical container responsible for maintaining the power flow between the batteries and the motor.

Prefer a high voltage efficient controller to prevent the battery from draining out too much energy. Remember, the higher the voltage uptake, the lesser time your car will run on a time charge.

Step 8: You are almost done

Do not forget to make insurance for your car. Do take your car for a gas emission test.

For backup, keep an extra battery loaded. For safety, purposes do not forget to use the best quality seat belts.

Make several tests to check that your airbags are functional, the horn system, the indicators, and the wipers.

Here is a quick tip; you can set the driving mode on a particular gear and relax and drive. This was you do not need to worry about the clutch action. But be wise enough to choose the ideal equipment for a comfortable drive.

And thus, your homemade electric car is all set to rule the roads.

Quick tips to maintaining your DIY cars:

  1. You need to repair and change the air filter after a fixed interval of time.
  2. Windshield wipers are also an essential item for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your car. Raise the wiper and wipe precisely the area in between the display screen and the wiper.
  • Be careful with the old blades as they might get dislodged from the holders.
  • Replace the old wipers by dislodging them from the fixed area by tapping on the tab and adding the new one.
  1. Spark plugs are always a reason for the sudden stoppage of your car. Timely replacement of these intricate components can help you to avoid unwanted situations.
  2. The car is a motorized vehicle that requires timely maintenance. Lubricating and oiling the engine parts and the essential joints can increase your car’s functional life. The monthly or full quarterly service of the car is indispensable.

Final words

Now you are familiar with the art of making an electric car. It is not easy to build a car only with the idea of it. But detailed research with insightful analysis can make your dream car a reality.

Author: Kristin Klane

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