Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

Are electric scooters legal?

The cities are expanding. Along with cities, new communities are coming into existence. The competition is growing every day, and amid this wave of globalization, electric scooters have gradually made their way. Their sleek design and lightweight body have made them comfortable and easy-to-go. The specialty of electric scooters is that they operate on rechargeable batteries, which makes them environment-friendly.

Let us move forward and find the answer to our question of whether electric scooters are legal in the UK or not.

What are electric scooters?

Electric scooters are transport vehicles that run on two wheels power by motor attached to them.

Electric scooters have become a trend in European countries. You hire a scooter through your phones or even hire it from the city shops.

The range of scooters in the UK is enormous, starting from £100 to £1000.

Electric scooters are easily portable due to their lightweight and compact structure. You can easily store them in your bedroom, kitchen, or even in the bathroom. The human effort required to drive an electric scooter is nothing in comparison to a bicycle. You can conveniently drive them at a speed of 15 mph.

However, cycles do possess an advantage over the scooters; bicycles are cost-effective and preferable for adventures, especially for terrain regions.

Speed and the benefit of electric scooters

Practically, the average rate of electric scooters is less than gasoline-powered scooters. On the contrary, these scooters are best for driving through crowded lanes, markets, and cities. You can use them to drive from narrow passages as well. They are convenient enough, and the chances of an accident reduce to a great extent.

Traveling becomes simple when it is electric scooters. Since they run on electricity, you are indeed contributing towards a pure nature by reducing the carbon footprint when you use electric scooters.

However, they are unsuitable for the highways and flyovers. The heavy vehicles do not consider electric scooters the part of the race.

Legal rights of scooters in the UK

The procedure of using scooters in the UK is like you can buy or rent an electric scooter, but you cannot drive it on the cycle roads, the pavements, the lanes, and not even in the neighborhood. The only permissible area for driving them is on private land and again with the owner’s permission.

Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) are what they are known as. They fall under motor vehicle categories, and thus they require- MOT, tax, license, and specific construction before they are set to stroll the roads.

The primary issue why so much restriction is imparted on the scooters is

  1. These e-bikes do not have they do not use rear lights. The red lights are essential, especially while driving in the dark.
  2. The vehicles have no provision of a number plate. These vehicles are never located with several vehicles, and that’s not legal regarding driving.
  3. E-scooters do not even contain indicators. Indicators are part of safe driving methods. They play a significant role while taking turns or changing lanes.

Quite similar to e-scooters, e-bikes run on battery assisted by pedals. The UK government is planning to regulate the laws even for them.

However, amid all these restrictions, e-scooters are permissible on the roads.

Precisely, the driving of scooters on pathways is restricted by the 1835 Highway act that has prohibited any carriage driving on the pavements.

The trials for using electric scooters

There has been the implementation of laws to be certified to drive and use electric scooters in the UK. Thedepartment of transport has made universal laws that are also accepted by the British.

You do not require your scooter’s insurance to drive on the road, but a license for the driver is indispensable for at least letting your scooter out on the road.

There are set boundaries that are geographically defined for every scooter. This indicates you cannot lawfully use your scooter to travel from region to another.

Being in a trial area of England, it will remain illegal to own a scooter as a private belonging and set it out on public roads.

Where can you discover electric scooters on rent?

You can find an electric scooter in the areas beyond the trail areas. But if you get caught, you will be fined.

Similarly, a self-owned scooter might lead you to a hefty fine if you operate it on the roads, pavements, or lanes.

Final words

Electric scooters have brought a revolutionary movement in the automobile industry. Young entrepreneurs are more focused on this sector. They are planning new and innovative technologies to make e-bikes and e-scooters more user-friendly and nature-friendly. However, new government policies have massively attacked their start-ups.

The sad reality is, these unique start-ups are being allowed and encouraged in Paris and in a few parts of Italy, but still under consideration by the British government.

The law is for one and all. It is difficult to comment on a nation’s policy. But being a citizen of any country, you must be law-abiding, maintain the safety ethic whatever the place is and whenever you are driving, and always keep the pedestrians before yourself.

Author: Kristin Klane

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