BP organization’s $485 million in fines – a job well done!

oil spill

It has already been discussed how expanding oil drilling companies would not solve our energy issues, however, the blast that occurred at a Transocean/BP-operated Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on the 20th of April further explains why. This blast killed 11 laborers and is presently releasing 5,000 barrels of oil each day into the bay.

  • Transocean oversees 141 other Deepwater oil rigs far and wide. This includes fifteen others for the Gulf of Mexico. In 2008, Transocean was distinguished as one of the organizations set to remove oil from the Gulf of Mexico that would not pay any eminences to the US citizen, through its Challenger Minerals subsidiary.

BP or the British Petroleum Company Limited is an oil organization with one of the most noticeably awful safety records of any oil organization working in America. Over the most recent couple of years, BP has paid $485 million in fines and settlements to the US government for crimes against the climate, negligence of worker safety rules and the control of energy markets.

  • In October 2009, BP paid the greatest fine in OSHA history – $87.43 million – for adamant carelessness that prompted the passing of 15 laborers in a March 2005 refinery blast in Texas and an extra $50 million paid to the Department of Justice for a similar occurrence. In addition to that, simply a month ago, BP paid a $3 million fine to OSHA for 42 obstinate safety violations at one of its refineries in Ohio.
  • In March 2006, BP’s disregard for one of its significant oil pipelines in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska prompted an oil release that brought about BP paying $20 million to settle claims that it abused the Clean Water Act.
  • Additionally, BP was required to pay $303 million to settle claims that it controlled the US propane market and was fined $18 million for market control during the California energy emergency. BP also paid a different $3 million settlement for comparable market control charge.
Author: Kristin Klane

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