How to Remove Smoke and Vape Residue from House

With smoking bans becoming more stringent people are tending to smoke at home. Then there are others who have turned to vape, presuming it to be a better alternative. Irrespective of what you smoke or vape the residue lingers long after the act is done on the furniture, upholstery, and walls. Long term exposure to these harmful substances can affect health. Here are a few tips to make your residence smoke and vape residue free.

  1. Ground coffee is supposed to be a great neutralizer of smells. To remove the offensive odor of smoke from your house place ground coffee in all rooms of the house.  You can burn incense sticks in all rooms to dispel the smoke odor.
  2. Vinegar is another handy item that is frequently used to dispel tobacco smoke. You can either boil some vinegar and the steam diffuse through the entire home or just place containers with vinegar in all rooms. In severe cases, you can wipe down surfaces with a solution made by mixing vinegar with warm water.
  3. Air the house completely by throwing open all the windows daily. The fresh air circulation will remove the stagnant smoke.
  4. Wash all the curtains and bedsheets while vacuuming the sofa upholstery with vinegar; this will not only remove the odor but will also brighten the fabric. Where the odor is severe sprinkle baking soda overnight and vacuum the next morning.
  5. Cut apples are great for absorbing foul smells. Place cut apples in all rooms with odor.
  6. Air purifiers with activated charcoal are often used to remove odors from rooms. The carbon filter is essential to remove smoke and vape odors.

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